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About our Product

The TrackR series of products (TrackR sticker, TrackR wallet, and most recently TrackR bravo) was developed by TrackR, a Santa Barbara, CA-based startup company. The company was founded by Chris Herbert and Christian Smith, two UC Santa Barbara graduates who met during their college years.

The idea for TrackR began when Chris almost lost his car to the Pacific Ocean because he couldn’t find his keys, ultimately redefining the definition of beach side parking. After brainstorming a solution, Chris and Christian entered into the UC Santa Barbara business plan competition and won.

They began working on TrackR the same day they graduated in 2009 and were joined by Jacques Habra of Noospheric as Lead Investor and Advisor to launch the world’s first next generation tracking device, Phone Halo, at DemoGod 2010.

Since that time, several revisions of Phone Halo have been released including Cobra Tag, inSite, TrackR wallet and TrackR sticker. Each better than the last. Over a quarter of a million devices later, the team is proud to announce TrackR bravo and represents the original vision for the company of taking the database of items in your head and moving that to your phone.

The TrackR Team


Chris Herbert - CEO and Co-Founder

I went surfing and my key fell out of my wetsuit on the beach. My car was parked below the high tide line and when i came in to move my car, I couldn’t find my keys! Luckily people with metal detectors came by and found my keys before the ocean swept away my car. That made me wish for a easy way to keep track of items.


Christian Smith - President and Co-Founder

Losing things can be very awkward. In college, I went out to dinner with a group of friends. When the check arrived, I realized my keys and wallet had gone missing. I looked around everywhere but they were no where to be found! Now TrackR helps me keep my wallet around.


Scott Hawthorne - Director of Development

I could not find my wallet and check book once, they were together on my desk in my work area, and one day poof… they vanished. I looked everywhere for them, turns out I got a call from the police a few days later at my work. Someone turned them into the City I thought. I drove to the police station, unfortunately all they had was my drivers license.


Tim Dir - Chief Operating Officer

When I was 20 years old and living in San Francisco, I paid my rent with cash. Each month, I would take the bus down Market Street to hand over the rent for myself and the other tenants of our flat. One month, I lost my wallet somewhere along the journey downtown. I'll never forget the helpless feeling I had--not knowing how I was going to come up with this tremendous sum-- which grew worse and worse as I retraced my way home. As I walked the final, long steps to my front door, I saw an older gentleman waiting there. Fortunately, he had found my wallet and traced it's home to the address on my ID. I remember how thankful I was, thinking it would be wonderful if everyone could have a guardian angel like this kind, honest man. Thanks to the geniuses at TrackR, everyone can.

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Avinash Kunaparaju - Lead iOS Developer

I lost my wallet once at a Tiesto concert. I had all my credit cards and identity proofs in the wallet. It took me about a month to get all my cards replaced. It was the most annoying thing I ever had to do.

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Seth Robin - Director Of Engineering

I don’t lose much, but I misplace everything. All my belongings, from keys to shoes, are constantly being moved as if in accordance with Heisenberg’s theories. TrackR has allowed me to the ability to speed up my morning routine of searching out my keys, wallet, cell phone and laptop bag.

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Wesley Balmer - Corporate Sales Manager

When I was a very young kid my dad let me keep a rabbit I found when I was playing in the street one day. This was by far the coolest rabbit I have ever encountered, still to this day, he was potty trained and very playful. Man, oh man, I wish I had a TrackR on that silly rabbit as about 3 months later he vanished.

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Daniel Reveles - Senior Customer Relations

Whenever I'm late for appointments it's because I can't find my keys. Before TrackR I would be frantically searching my house for my keys in hopes of making appointments on time. Now with TrackR, that frantic search never happens!

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Jessica Lam - Social Marketer

I previously got my Schwinn Hybrid Bike stolen outside of my apartment. It was there the night before and when I woke up the next morning, ready to bike to class, I went downstairs and noticed that my bike was missing. I was so confused and angry because I honestly never thought that I would be a victim of bike theft. The area I live in unfortuantely is high in bike theft, so I guess I should have know. I wish I had a TrackR device so I could locate my missing bike! I recently just bought a brand new bike and I have a TrackR Bravo attached to it. I'm confident that it will help me if I ever fall victim to bike theft again!

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Rhiannon Seider - Community Manager

I am notorious for setting things down and walking away without them. One time in college, I walked home one night only to realize that I didn't have my keys. I had to wait outside for over half an hour before someone let me into my apartment building. It took me a full day of searching before I was able to find my keys that I had left sitting on a bench outside a friends house. Lucky for me no one took them!

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Sahil Gupta - Front End Developer

Sometimes on weekends, I like to go for runs on the beach. One time, accidentally, I lost my car keys but thanks to TrackR bravo I was able to locate them fairly quickly.

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Denise Lee - Office Manager

I used to have a wallet I really loved, but one day I misplaced it somewhere, and I just could not find it. I tried retracing my steps, calling places I thought I may have left it etc. but to no avail. Finally, I had to give up and cancel all my cards. That was the most tiresome thing to do! If only I had a Trackr then. Now, I have a TrackR on everything and I haven't lost anything since then.

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Pradyut Paul - Lead Hardware Engineer

I was in New York and lost my jacket at a club. I couldn’t find my jacket when I was leaving, and it was in late November. I was freezing, so the management gave me a woman’s jacket, which was unclaimed. It was so tight I couldn’t move in it. Now I stick a TrackR in all my jackets. Never do I want to lose my jacket in the freezing cold again.

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Carolyn Znovena - Director of Customer Relations and Retention

I have this ritual before I leave home every morning to make sure I have my keys, wallet, phone etc. before leaving. However, one day I woke up late and had to rush to work. I grabbed everything as I walked out of the house, and man everything was spilling out of my arms. After the morning rush of meetings and e-mails, I walked out to grab coffee only to realize I don't have my wallet. I never forget anything so the only conclusion I could come to was that I must have dropped my wallet while rushing out of my house. I was so upset thinking about all the cards I have to cancel and replace that I couldn't really work all day. When I got home, I realized my wallet was sitting at home the whole time! If only I had TrackR on it - I would have been able to get an update that it was at home and not worry about it all day.