TrackR is revolutionizing personal item management.

Just as your phone now keeps track of your contacts for you, the TrackR platform is taking on the burden of remembering where your important items are located.

Thanks to TrackR’s app, cloud-based databases and small Bluetooth devices, keeping track of everyday items is automatic, fast – and fun.

Tag anything – your keys, wallet, the remote – with a TrackR device and use your phone to keep tabs on it.

There are lots of finder gadgets out there, but TrackR is the only cloud-based solution that allows users to voice search and find out exactly which room their item is in.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, the co-founders were inspired after losing their keys at the beach. Since 2009, TrackR has helped millions of people locate their important items. TrackR has shipped over 5 million devices and is currently in 4000 stores worldwide. TrackR was ranked the #1 fastest growing company by Pacific Coast Business Times and #155 by the Inc. 500. TrackR is backed by the Foundry Group, Resolute Ventures, IncWell Capital, Amazon Alexa Fund, Orange Fab and others.

With TrackR, your search is over.

TrackR bravo

Tag your important items with a stylish TrackR bravo, made of sleek anodized aluminium.

Ces background bravo

TrackR pixel

Lightweight and colorful, TrackR pixel lights up so you can easily find your items, even in the dark.

Ces background pixel

TrackR atlas

A smart wall plug that runs on TrackR's cloud-based platform, the TrackR atlas helps map out your house so you can see the exact location of your tracked items.

Ces background atlas

TrackR wallet 2.0

The credit card sized TrackR wallet 2.0 slips easily into your bag or billfold.

Ces background wallet